16 Tips To Be a Successful Call Center Supervisor

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Call Center Supervisor

What Makes a Successful Call Center Supervisor?

We compiled this list after conducting and researching several Call Center studies. The responses were taken from multiple interviews with Call Center representatives and Call Center supervisors then paraphrased.

This list can be used as a guideline for Call Center Supervisors.

Let's get right to it.

1. Honest and Ethical

You would think this one would be common sense but unfortunately no.  Call Center Agents want a Supervisor that operates based on fairness and honesty. And to be honest, this shouldn't a surprise to anybody, because we all want that.  

2. Good Communicator 

Specifically about performance expectations.  Once objectives are set it is the responsibility of the call center supervisor to effectively communicate these to their teams.  Again, to me this just makes sense. Making sure your team or teams understand the KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) which they will be judge against helps each person understand what is required.

This also allows everybody to ask questions and get on the same page.  Which is another key to success.

3. Excellent Listener

Everybody wants to work with a leader that is an excellent listener.  Having active listening skills provides you as well as your call center agents with the ability to forge a positive relationship.    Additionally, call center agents also like their supervisors to us Empathy and Compassion when making decisions after listening.

4. Provides Feedback

Provides relevant and developmental feedback (both when things are going well and when improvements are needed) to individuals in timely and meaningful manner.

5. Consistent and Fair

This is especially true as it relates to making decisions, building relationships and delivering feedback.

6. Praise and Recognition

Gives praise and recognition when it is due!

7. Follow Through

Follows through on actions, conversations and tasks...

8. Lead By Example

At all levels in an organizations, leaders should model behavior that they want to see.  Call Center Supervisors should be willing to do anything they ask their call center agents to do.

9. Don't Be a Know-It-All

Acknowledges when they do not know the answers, but work diligently to find the answers and knows their resources.

10. Supports Development

Cares about success of agents, Provide opportunities to succeed, Encourages and support the personal and professional development of their employees.

11. Develop Relationships

Builds relationships with agents, other supervisors, their manager by being available and approachable.

12. Motivates

Motivates others to pull together to meet goals and objectives.

13. Be Solution Oriented

Recognizes that problems are a normal part of life and approach them in an effort to find solutions rather than place blame.

14. Empower

Has the ability to empower their employees and delegate authority.

15. Be Real

Shows those who work for and with you that you are human – laugh, share, apologize when it is called for and let them get to know you, No one expects a supervisor to be perfect.

16. Learning From Team

A smart Call Center Supervisors has the ability to learn from his or her team.  Pay attention, share best practices and don't be afraid to get better through your team.

Remember this list came right from the horses mouth - meaning this is information is gold because it was provided by call center agents.  They are telling you exactly what you need to do to make you a call center rockstar.

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Call Center Supervisor Success Tips by Greg Meares

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