What’s More Important Call Center Quality or Quantity

By admin | Call Center Quality

Call Center Quality vs. Quantity: A Call Center ConundrumThere’s an ongoing battle in Call Centers…The opposing teams are Quality vs. Quantity; two performance factors that don’t seem to get along.​Here’s how the conversation goes:​ Call Center Quality vs. Quantity Representative Super Speedy says, “I’ve taken more calls than anyone on the team today. My average handle […]

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How’s Your call center agent productivity?

By admin | Call Center Metrics

Is Call Center Agent Productivity Important?This is an update to a post in Call Center Best Practices, from an article called, Call Center Metrics: Bill To Pay or Productive To Pay.Essentially this article is designed to help you identify and understand your call center agent productivity.I originally learned this call center metric while working in the […]

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Employee Engagement and the Power of Ask

Employee Engagement Through The Power of Ask

By admin | Call Center Leadership

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Share0 Pin0 Employee Engagement is Critical To PerformanceSavvy Call Center Professional already know that employee engagement is required to be successful in managing your call center or team.However, sometimes knowing and following through can be the hard part.​​When we get busy, with meetings, conference calls and all of the other super […]

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3 Steps To Reduce Call Center Attrition

By admin | Call Center

Call Center attrition Hurts!It’s costly, and call center attrition has the tendency to hold your call center’s performance stagnant.It just makes sense controlling it and managing attrition to sensible levels. As a consultant, it is one of the first areas I tackle, it has the greatest positive effect on cost and call center performance. In […]

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