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Necessity is the Mother of Invention!

Greg Meares on Employee Engagement

Hi there, I'm Greg Meares and the comment above.... Necessity is the mother of invention is so true in this case.

At the time, I didn't realize we were developing something amazing.  And the funny thing is that it works even better today with millennials.

You want to know why?

Well I'll get back to that in a minute but I first want to explain the situation we were faced with and how this system saved our you know what. 

Crazy Story Behind PRIDE Teams and How It Drove Employee Engagement

I graduated the client training program on a Friday.

On Monday, I took over as the Operations Manager of the project.  Our client was good but they were in a bad mood.

Why you might ask?

​Well because we were doing a really bad job with their account.  They entrusted us with a lot of their call volume.  In fact, at that time we were running about 250 seats for them.

The client had a right to be pissed!

At the time, one of their most important Key Performance Indicators was Service Level. Our goal was an 80/20, which means we need to answer their customers 80% of the time in 20 seconds or less.

But guess what?

On that Monday we were at a 37%!

There were several reason for this but the most apparent was our absenteeism.  We were at 19% for the day.

To make matters worse we had our normal every Monday conference call with them to discuss overall performance.

Unhappy client do to low employee engagement

Not a fun time.  But we got through it. 

But of course we had to fix our current situation.  Although service level was one example of our poor performance, we basically were doing a poor job in all categories of our performance.  

So we had a challenge, no doubt about it.​  And we had to take action quickly.

​The Power of Employee Engagement

The idea came to me out of the blue.  And it made complete sense.

The solution was actually right in front of ​me.

All we had to do is tap into our call center agents, find a way to improve their engagement and we would be able to easily address issues that we had.

That is how PRIDE Teams was established, which stands for People Really Involved In Developing Excellence​.

The power of PRIDE Teams is derived from the employee engagement levels it increases.  

Employee Engagement

And employee engagement​ is powerful in solving problems.  The more engaged your employees are the easier it is to meet all of your call center goals.  I know this from experience.

The PRIDE Teams system delivers ​high morale, great ideas and the most important of all is buy-in from your call center agents.

This, you will find, is the most important aspect of making change and putting into place no processes that guarantees goal achievement.

Test Drive PRIDE Teams with a No-Risk Guarantee

I want you to try this system and enjoy the positive results I got from it.  In fact, I am so committed that I am going to give you a 60-day money-back guarantee.  That way you have time to get it into place and then track the positive results you are going to get.


PRIDE Teams is a power system that is easy to set-up and implement.  It really is easy, but the results are amazing.  I developed and use this same system when I go into a call center consultant project.  I can predict what happens when I use it. Performance always improves.  That is why I am 100% you will be delighted with this employee engagement system.  So try it out and if it is not everything I have said then simply let me know and I will return the small fee for this outstanding program.

Now that you know you are protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee, are you interested to learn what others are saying about this system?

Here's What Others Are Saying About PRIDE Teams

Cate Patricio Assistant Manager

PRIDE Teams turned around my entire operation.  It was easy to set-up and my employees responded to it well.  We are now consistently hitting all of our KPIs and my teams are actually happy.   In fact, the overall feeling on my teams is that they have a say in how things are managed, which has only improved ownership.  This is a no-brainer.

This was so easy, I am actually surprised how powerful it was to get my center performing at top levels.  What is interesting, my senior leadership believes that I am a genius for putting this into place.  Great system and I highly recommend it (PRIDE TEAMS.)

Aubie Pouncy Call Center Director

I bet you think this employee engagement system is going to be costly?  

Well it should be, but I am not going to do that to you.  It is actually a steal, but I want you to have a positive impact.

Check it out now!​

Instant Access to PRIDE Teams

Your transaction is 100% secured.  Once you complete payment you will immediately be redirected to the download page for instant access

Oh I almost forgot.  

I put together a bonus that will enhance the PRIDE Teams system.

Grab This Bonus Too!

Bonus:  The Power of ASK

The Power of Ask to improve Employee Engagment

This bonus works hand-in-hand with PRIDE Teams.

If you goal is to Engage, Involve and connect employees then the Power of Ask, will help you understand, the triggers to drive employee engagement.

The power of ask is designed to position your leadership style to meet the needs of your employees and in turn they will respond accordingly.

In summary, you will get a system designed to help turn your call center or your teams into a high performing group. Fired-up and ready to deliver consistent goal achievement.

You have a 60-day money-back guarantee.  ​Plus the Power of ASK bonus will help you achieve amazing results when used in combination with PRIDE Teams.

Enjoy and I hope to see you inside!

Greg Meares improves employee engagement

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