Manage By Walking Around (MBWA) Is Powerful

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Do you know what Manage By Walking Around really is?

This is an amazing leadership tactic...

However, before I disclose the amazing value of the manage by walking around technique, I want to share a true story and the amazing lesson I learned about leadership.

But first listen to what Tom Peters has to say about Manage By Walking around...​

I was fortunate.

For the first 10 to 12 years after college, I was able to work for some amazing people.​

But it wasn't until I moved to Texas and started working for a domestic Business Process Outsourcing firm, that I learned what true leadership was.​

There I was in Corpus Christi, TX.  

Who would have thought that one of the fondest periods of my professional life would have been working for a guy that seemed to just walk around.​

​But this guy had a master plan that included developing amazing employee engagement from his direct reports.

... and from the entire call center!​

Manage By Walking Around Produces Results

First, I noticed that he would take long walks with his direct reports, which included me!

We would walk outside, which was ok in the winter.  

Mind you this was South Texas so taking a nice long stroll outside during the summer was like walking on the sun.​

​But I digress...

I noticed that this approach really worked well for several reasons:

  • Allowed my boss to know exactly what I was thinking about our performance, client and any concerns I had;
  • Allowed him to offer feedback and coaching on the spot
  • This process of coaching allowed him to build rapport with me and strengthened our relationship
  • Was always in tune with the project, which allowed him to always have an educated conversation with the client.  This helped me run the project because it built trust with the client.

He also applied this manage by walking around approach to the entire call center.

Everybody Responds Well To The Manage By Walking Around Approach

​I think the most amazing results I witnessed was how the entire call center responded.

The call center agents loved it.  

And so did the call center supervisors.  It made their job easier.​

Here's a quick summary...​

  • It motivated the call center agents simply by having somebody senior to their supervisor on the call floor talking to them.  Laughing, and asking questions.
  • Gave the Supervisor the opportunity to brag about people on his or her team - which of course created a positive environment.  Which in turn improved Morale! 🙂
  • Allows you to ask your Call Center Supervisors and Team Leads questions.  This is handy, once your supervisors or team leads know that you will ask, then this will drive an important aspect of leadership:  Awareness!

I'm sure you can think of other positives from using the MBWA technique, Managing By Walking Around.  If so make sure you share and comment below!

Speaking of Positive Leadership, did you know that many organizations are having a hard time?  You Can See the challenges by looking at the Role of the Supervisor area. You'll find the devastating numbers of our current business environment.  In the results of the polls, employees aren't happy.

That is why utilizing positive leadership skills  is so important.​

Could talk about this topic all day!  🙂

So I will leave it with this...​

Get out of your office and manage by walking around!  #leadership #callcenter

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I hope you enjoyed this discussion, and if you did, please share it with others!

To your success,​

Greg Meares on Manage By Walking Around


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